Solight DVB-T antenna, 42dBi

Product code: HN50
  • EAN: 8592718000424
  • Solight DVB-T antenna, 42dBi
  • Solight DVB-T antenna, 42dBi
  • antenna for receiving digital terrestrial broadcasting in HD
  • built-in amplifier
  • DVB-T and DVB-T2 and DAB digital radio reception
  • DVB-T range: 21 - 69 UHF channel
  • DAB range: 6th to 12th VHF channels
  • amplifier gain: 35dB
  • antenna gain: 12dB without amplifier
  • maximum antenna gain: 42 - 47dB
  • output: F connector, impedance: 75 Ohm
  • horizontal and vertical polarization
  • bracket for vertical bracket, mast, railing
  • AC/DC power adapter (included)
  • antenna completely assembled, ready for installation
  • coaxial cable 15m and connectors included
Outdoor / indoor usageOutdoor
Antenna gain (dB)
Frequency bandsVHF | UHF
Frequency range (MHz)40-230 & 450-860 MHz
4G/LTE filterNo
Range (km)

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