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Solight ozone generator 36W

Product code: GOZ01
  • EAN: 8592718029357
  • Solight ozone generator 36W
  • Solight ozone generator 36W
  • Solight ozone generator 36W
  • Solight ozone generator 36W
  • ozone generator with a power of 36W (without the effect of UV-C radiation on disinfected areas)
  • suitable for households, offices, waiting rooms, corridors, etc.
  • a very safe and highly effective method of disinfection
  • does not burden the environment and waste management with the chemicals used
  • is up to 3000 times faster than chlorine disinfection and 25 times more effective than chloric acid
  • eliminates viruses, fungi, bacteria, fungi, insects.
  • disinfected area: up to 40m2
  • three timer options:
    1) 20min on, 40min off
    2) 2h on, 4h off
    3) 24h on;
  • Ozone is dangerous to health, read the instructions for use carefully
  • recommended interval for disinfection: 1 - 3 times a week
  • service life of the used radiator: up to 5000 hours
  • remote control range: 20m
  • material: aluminum
  • remote control, timer
  • possibility of mounting on the wall (mounting material is part of the package) or on a stand (stand is not part of the package)
  • fan speed 3000- + 10%
  • air flow 60m3/h
  • power supply: 230V/50Hz; remote control: 2x AAA
  • Dimensions: 64 * 11 * 13cm
  • IP20 protection
Motion sensorNo
Remote controlYes
Wavelength (nm)
Power (W)
Ozonfree modeNo

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