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Solight was established in 2009. From the very beginning, we have focused on the distribution of products in the field of wiring material and lighting solutions. We have gradually expanded our product portfolio, nowadays containing of more than 1 500 active items. In addition to high-quality wiring material and lighting solutions, our offer also covers further product categories: Measuring tools, Car accessories, Batteries, Cables and connectors, Antennas and much more.
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Benefit from our high-quality wiring material range:

  • Supplier of wiring material and lighting solutions
  • Exclusive dealer of premium brands
  • We treat every partner with care and consistency
  • We work with the biggest players in the market
  • High-quality team of sales representatives and service engineers



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Solight was established in 2009. From the very beginning, we focused on the distribution of wiring material and appliances, and thanks to persistent efforts, we gained a strong position on the Czech and Slovak markets in a short time.

We currently represent several major brands in these markets. However, a significant part of the total turnover is represented by products imported under our own "Solight” brand. The Solight portfolio represents more than 1,000 products. The quality of Solight brand goods is ensured by a multi-stage inspection from production to receipt at the warehouse.

As exclusive distributors, we represent multiple global brands including Dyson (bagless vacuum cleaners and fans), Case Logic (bags, cases and backpacks for laptops, audio, video or photo), Thule (backpacks and travel luggage), Bandridge (connecting AV cables and accessories), JCB (consumer and industrial batteries), Skross (travel adapters) and AgfaPhoto (consumer batteries).

You can find our goods in the vast majority of chain stores and shops in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our key partners include, for example, DATART INTERNATIONAL, Electro World, OKAY, NAY, expert CR, Tesco Stores, Alza and Mall. In addition to these direct customers, our goods are available through a wide network of electrical wholesalers.

Logistics is provided externally by Jipocar Logistic. Thanks to the strategic location of warehouses in the immediate vicinity of the D1 motorway (Střítež u Jihlavy), quality logistics for Czech and Slovak customers is our priority. Our service centre, including a modern showroom for the Dyson brand, is located in Prostějov, where we have sufficient capacity for efficient handling of complaints.

Our goal is mutually beneficial, effective and stable cooperation with partners, to whom we can provide a comprehensive product line in a wide range of versions with an emphasis on the ratio of quality to price. An integral part of our offer are quality and flexible accompanying services covering all the service needs of partners in the areas of transport, service, merchandising, advertising and promotion and more. A responsive approach to addressing customer requirements is at the heart of Solight's strategy and completes the overall collaboration.


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