Solight Digital power meter Energy

Product code: DT26
  • EAN: 8592718020316
  • Solight Digital power meter Energy
  • Solight Digital power meter Energy
  • Clearly arranged LCD display, diagonal 2"- 5 cm
  • Max. measure of electricity consumption: 9999kWh
  • Min. detectable power consumption: 2W max.: 3680W/16A
  • Setting electricity price
  • 2 buttons for easy operation
  • exact calculation of cost and measurement of electricity consumption
  • Child lock
  • Indication of exceeding max. input power "Overload"
  • Measurement of electrical quantities: voltage, instantaneous power consumptation
  • Integrated voltage regulator up to + - 1.5% deviation from the nominal voltage for accurate measurements
  • Operating temperature: 0 to + 50° C
  • Power: AC 230V, 50Hz

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