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JCB RTU NiMH AA / R06, 1300mAh, 4pcs blister

Product code: JCB-HR61300RC-4B
  • EAN: 5050028028383
    • JCB Rechargeable Ready-to-use batteries provide cost-effective use and save the environment.
    • Batteries have up to 1000 charging cycles when properly charged.
    • Unlike ordinary rechargeable batteries, they have extremely low self-discharge levels. After a year of storage, it retains 80% capacity.
    • Ready-to-use technology combines the benefits of alkaline and rechargeable batteries. Alkaline batteries are ready to use and long-term storage, while rechargeable batteries can be reused to reduce investment in new batteries.
    • Ready-to-use (ready-to-use / ready-charged) JCBs are ready to use without recharge them directly after purchase.
    • It provides reliable performance for devices such as: portable audio devices, cameras, toys, lamps, etc.
    • Type AA (battery)
    • Capacity 1300mAh
    • Blistr 4ks
    Battery typeNi-MH
    Number of pieces in the package
    Battery sizeAA / R06

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