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Solight Professional multimeter, true RMS

Product code: V40
  • EAN: 8592718023423
  • Solight Professional multimeter, true RMS
  • Solight Professional multimeter, true RMS
  • measurement of current, voltage, resistance, frequency, capacity, temperature
  • True RMS measurement (effective value of alternating waveforms)
  • transistor and diode test
  • continuity test, conductivity test
  • measurement of hFE parameters
  • automatic shutdown
  • backlit display
  • data hold
  • indication of low battery
  • overload protection
  • ranges:
  • DCV: 200mV - 600V
  • ACV: 2V - 600V
  • DCA: 200uA-20A
  • ACA: 20mA-20A
  • OHM: 200Ω-20MΩ
  • frequency: 0-60MHz
  • capacity: 20nF-20mF
  • temperature: -40°C-1000 ° C
  • operating temperature: 0 - 40 ° C
  • power supply: 9V battery
  • dimensions: 189x89x55mm
Alternating currentYes
Alternating voltageYes
DC voltageYes
Direct currentYes
Circuit continuity testYes
AC range20 mA-20 A
DC current range200 uA-20 A
AC voltage range2 V-600 V
DC voltage range200 mV-600 V
Resistance range200 Ohm-20 MOhm
Capacity range20 nF-20 mF

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